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The Concept

Rent an Estate - all by yourself as a group 

(9 -28 pers in 14 doubb rooms)


We will welcome you in a proper and well-equipped house with freshly made beds, though the rest of your stay will depend on a sense of responsibility and self-reliance.

We will introduce to you how everything works and after that we will leave your part of the Estate.

We expect you to to keep the house tidy and to do your own dish.

We will do the final cleaning.

Your meals

We can make you a very nice breakfast, (all organic and homebaked) if you like.

Other meals can, if you don´t want to cook by yourself, be arranged by catering service.

Otherwise you are welcome to bring your own staff, or of cource to go out dining.

We can recommand you some nice restaurants nearby.

The atmosphere

We offer an informal, trusting and homely atmosphere in a historical context. This contributes our guests  to feel comfortable and like at home.

However, we have some very simple house rules we recommend to abide by.


We aim for an environmentally conscious household


We provide free parking.


Two mainbuildings - 14 rooms

Gelskov Manor - has two main buildings .

The original main building dates from 1700 and now functions as a side wing, (5 doubbel rooms) and the new main building  is builded in 1917 (9 doubbel rooms)

All in all 14 doubbel rooms for 9 -28 people.

These  buildings can be rented separately or the two together


We have a total of 6 bathrooms - 3 in each building - for shared use. Only the Suite has got its own bathroom inside the room. 

Part of the interior can be purchased and we do have sales of antiques and curiosities in the former stables.


We do family reunions, business meetings and Retreats of various kind.

Questiones or booking requests:

If any questiones or booking requests you are very welcome to get in contact +45 22886624 or by mail

We do Chekins from 3 pm and chekouts around 11-12 am

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