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About us

We are a couple, Heine Robert Bartsch - Antiques dealer for more than 40 years and Hilde Christine Seemann - Pedagogue and Midwife, who run Gelskov Manor Retreats, B&B and Antiques.


Our enthusiasm for the beauty of architecture, interior design and nature on and around the estate is our focal point.


Our incitement is not only the joy of creating a business, but equally meeting with people from all over the world at all times of the year and in many different contexts, and the joy of making the stay at Gelskov Manor a very special experience. We offer an informal and homely atmosphere in historical settings.

It is important to emphasize that what you rent is our private home, quite different from a large modern conference venue or hotel with many employees.

We live here ourselves daily with our animals - a small dog, cats and chickens - all of which are free-range.

We have some simple house rules that we ask for and expect all guests to relate to during their stay.


If any questions or booking requests please contact us on

+45 22 88 66 24 

+45 20 46 88 43

or by email gelskovgods8@gmail.com